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One of the first things people notice about you is your smile. Patients come to us with a bad bite or crooked teeth looking for a dental solution, and at Smile Dental, that is exactly what we provide.

SmileFast Dental


Early treatment occurs when the child still has a mixture of primary and permanent teeth. The age that early treatment usually commences is between ages seven to ten, though ages can vary due to some patients with early erupting teeth and others with late erupting permanent teeth.

The Smilefast Digital Indirect Bonding System uses 3D imaging to identify precise bracket position, essential for fast, straightforward orthodontic treatment. Smilefast allows you to achieve predictable tooth movement and the highest quality results in just 6-9 months. It also produces far better results than other systems that simply use technicians to hand place brackets. And it is highly valuable to patients – show them anticipated bracket placement driven final result before they start. Take our 2-day orthodontic training course and discover how Smilefast can boost your practice revenue.

The advantage of early treatment is that early diagnosis and treatment by orthodontists may help tooth eruption, guide facial growth, and often prevent more serious problems from occurring. By lessening these problems in early development stages, later orthodontic treatment may be reduced or made easier, and therefore more economical.

Invisalign Smile Dental Clinic


Invisalign gives you straight teeth – without braces. Using a custom-made series of clear “aligners”, Invisalign allows you to improve your smile without anyone knowing you’re in treatment. Each custom aligner is created for you and only you.

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